People running infront of a nordic forest with mountains in the background

The detour

We move in nature, not to compete. The forest is not a stadium where we prove ourselves to an audinence, imagined or real. Our goal here is not to beat the clock or any person, not even ourselves. We are here to get from point A to point B through the longest way possible. The Swedish word for detour or circuitous way is “Omväg.” Om translates to Around or If, and Väg is Way or Road. Om is also the primal sound in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhist mythology—the origin of all that is and the highest consciousness. But the forest is not a temple or a cathedral. Movement is not prayer or meditation, it’s not something to lean on or let go of. No, we are not here to learn The Way and follow it. No, we are here to engage with every thought and every muscle, to feel it all, whether it is something to endure or enjoy. We have thrown ourselves out here in wild abandon, not to find anything, not to learn anything, not to prove anything. We came here to get lost. Om.